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What truly sets you apart from your competition? Directing and motivating your team to deliver
products and services with the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost is a
challenging task. You specialize in it and deliver it everyday ........ but so do your competitors.
What used to be enough to guarantee success is no longer true. You have already seen it,
customers now have an expectation that you are running your business in a way that is
sustainable. Keeping your customers happy and meeting or exceeding their expectations sets
you apart from your competitors.

Hiring and investing in your own internal staff to gain this competitive advantage is a major
investment and a distraction from your core business. Getting back to basics and cutting costs
are growing trends in this economy. Now may not be the best time to hire additional staff or
overburden your people with tasks that can be done most effectively by an outside specialist.

While the most popular portion of the demand for sustainability is focused on the environment,
there is an underlying expectation that your business model itself is sustainable. If you are a
supplier to a major corporation such as Wal-Mart or McDonald's, then you have had to meet
their goals on social accountability, sustainability, social responsibility, and other supplier

The four major topics covered in these audits involve how your human resources system honors
your people, how your risk management system protects your people, how your business
practices reduce your impact on the environment, and how you will not only protect your own
reputation but their reputation.

While many of the sustainable principles may already be part of your corporate values, getting
people internally and externally to understand and apply it is the magic of what we do for you.
We integrate occupational safety, workers' comp management, risk management, and corporate
social responsibility into the everyday decision making process of your team without adding any
additional staff.

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Our focus is on your culture,
not forcing you to fit ours.
Do what you do best, give
us the rest.
Our speciality is designing and implementing
customized programs and solutions that fit
what makes you who you are. If you already
have programs up and running, we can
enhance and maintain what has been started
and mold it into where you want to go.
With this changing economy and its mixed
signals, companies are choosing to focus on
what they do best and outsource the rest.
Now more than ever every ounce of talent,
every second of time, and every penny in
your budget needs to be invested with a
strategic purpose.
We protect three of your
most important assets.
We understand that you must focus on your
stengths and cannot be the subject matter
expert on every law, standard, or regulation, so
we help you with three of your most important
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