Sustainable growth by serving other companies with an enthusiasm that changes the way
they integrate occupational safety & health, workers compensation, human resources,
energy conservation, waste management, and corporate social responsibility into their
daily decision making process. Through training, education, coaching, and the successful
implementation of an effectively formulated strategy, we unleash the power of the
organizations with the courage to embrace the principles of sustainability.


We protect three of your most important resources.


We continually improve without throwing out the principles that made us who we are.
We are patiently ambitious. We are certain in a time of uncertainty.
We focus on areas of giftedness and strength. We live a balanced lifestyle.
We reinvest at least 10% of net profits into the community via charitable organizations.
We serve our clients and do what is right for their organizations.
We reduce, reuse, and recycle. We conserve energy and protect our valuable resources.
We target long-term success because in the short-term anyone can be a superstar.

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