We protect three of your most important assets.
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Your People
Your Reputation
Our Environment
We provide informative presentations to teach businesses
how to integrate these principles into their workplaces.
We offer prepackaged 35 to 50 minute presentations, perfect for a breakfast or lunch meeting. Customized presentations are available as well. Contact
us at info@summitsustainabilitysolutions.com to set up a seminar.

Successful Safety Management: Invisibily Integrated.

OSHA: What to Expect When They Knock on Your Door.
OSHA and Your Industry: Trends and Hot Topics.
OSHA Regulatory Compliance: Setting up Programs - Dividing Responsibilities.

Workers' Compensation: The Basics.
Workers' Compensation: Best Practices.
Workers' Compensation: Risk Transfer & Profitability

Wellness Topics: Stress Management Programs, Back Injury Prevention, Senior Care Management, and Desensitization

Corporate Social Responsibility: What is it and How Does it Affect My Company?
EnviroMetrics: Set Up Tracking & Accountability.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: It's Cheaper & Easier than You Think.