Occupational Safety and
Health Evaluation
This valuable service is a
comprehensive review of your
current safety system to identify
potential hazards that may cause
injury or result in an OSHA
citation. It includes a review and
inventory of existing safety and
health programs, training
materials, OSHA 300 logs, and
related documentation.

We walk through your facility and
speak with your people. We
observe their work habits and
make recommendations that are
cost effective and provide a
meaningful impact on employee
safety and health.
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We Help You Protect and Honor Your People
HR Policy
Training, Education, & Coaching
We realize you are too busy to be the subject matter expert so we
provide customized services for front-line employees, managers,
executives, and owners. We provide train-the-trainer services as

We use adult learning principles to ensure the participants can
immediately apply what they just learned. We do more than just
tell them what to do, we change the way the look at what they do
and how impacts themselves and others.

Program Development or Enhancement
We take your existing programs and improve areas to reach full compliance and/or best industry
practices: General Safety & Health, Hazard Communication, Ergonomics, Forklifts, Confined Space
Entry, Lockout/Tagout, Electrical Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, Emergency Procedures,
Spill Containment, Defensive Driving, Workers' Compensation, Return-to-Work Program, Drug-free
Workplace, Workplace Violence Prevention, and others as needed.

We do not charge by the page, our customized programs are adapted to your workplace culture
and are designed to be understood and implemented by front-line employees. We do not give you
binders full of boiler plate programs that are meaningless to your organization. Just what you need,
nothing more, nothing less.